________________    A NOTE FROM THE DESIGNER     _____________

During my undergrad, the first moment in my life, where I was allowed & encouraged to be an artist full-time, we would call attending class, "Going to Studio". This term, studio, became an important physical and intellectual space for me. Entering the studio, meant you were not only physically moving into a space that encouraged creativity, & playfulness, but it was also a mindset, one where you were encouraged to make mistakes, take risks, and experiment. 

I carried this word, all it's connotations, and my experience with it around with me almost sacredly, as I moved from city to city, job to job, apartment to apartment, always making room for it, and holding onto it tightly, and dearly. 

When I moved to NY from Providence in 2008, the apartments were spatially much smaller. My workbench, and tools were usually in my living space. Yet whenever I was working, or felt like entering that creative mindset, be it walking over a few feet to a certain section of the room, or stepping across the apartment, i'd enter the studio. 

Naturally, when it came time to name this company, studio was a natural fit. This was a permanent headspace I wanted to be in, one of creativity, mistakes, pushing boundaries, and experimentation. Thus, STVDIO, was born. 

________________    THE JEWELRY     _____________

Each piece of STVDIO Jewelry is created in Erica's Brooklyn based studio. Every item is made entirely by hand without the use of mold's or masters. Even though this isn't the quickest, or most efficient way to make jewelry, what it does is allow the customer to have confidence that every piece of jewelry they purchase from STVDIO is their own. Each piece is hand woven, and thus apt to change or movement while casting, and all stones are hand selected, but typically vary in size, shape, and color. 

This one of a kind quality is something that as a brand, we've chosen to embrace. It speaks to the type of jewelry that Erica grew up with as a child, cherished, and still loves. Pieces designed for you, and made for you. 




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