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STVDIO is a modern jewelry line pairing classic aesthetics with experimental silhouettes to create one-of-a-kind pieces that feel avant-garde and fresh yet still timeless. Jeweler and designer Erica Peterson launched the first collection in 2014 and is based in Brooklyn, NY. 

Erica received her formal training at Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a BFA in Jewelry & Metals in 2007. A year later she moved to New York, where she worked for various brands creating beloved accessory and jewelry collections within the corporate fashion world. After seven years in the industry as a designer, Erica launched STVDIO with the intention of making a bespoke line of jewelry full of classic, heirloom touches that speaks to a modern aesthetic. 

The line is expressive, playful and bold, known for its asymmetrical silhouettes, one-of-a-kind stones, and organic feel. Pieces are made by hand by Erica in her Brooklyn studio, and coveted by designers, dreamers, brides, and artists worldwide. STVDIO jewelry was made to make you to feel like you’re wearing something you never knew you always wanted.